Dax / Dabby


Aka: Valdar Fenhood, rogue

Clad in black leather armor, a dark hooded cloak with long tattered edges, daggers prominently displayed, a mischievous glint in the eye, fingerless gloves that say nimble hands, and just the right amount of dirt under his nails, everything about Valdar Fenhood says rogue.radan_the_rogue_by_robertogatto-d7zllth.jpg


Actual background for Dax/Dabby

Born of unknown Human and Elf parents, the twins, Dax and Dabby, were orphaned in the city at a young age. The twins existed in the cracks of the city, constantly moving, and getting by however they were able. They lived many places, always liked, but never quite fitting in. First, the city orphanage, which they would have to flee rather than being separated. Then, for a time with a band of child thieves and pickpockets. For a spell the two lived in the eaves of the rooftop of a rich merchant guild. Their transient lifestyle would come to an end at the dilapidated shrine of luck, when a destitute priest named Hallen, took them in. Even though Hallen’s lodging, adjoining the shrine, was but a meager hovel, for the first time in their lives they had some semblance of home. In Hallen they found a mentor. This way, they were nearly a family.

One day, disturbed by a commotion at the shrine, the siblings found Hallen arguing at sword point with a Paladin. The Paladin, insisting Hallen was a agent of evil and darkness gave very little thought, time, or attention to any counter argument before aiming an execution blow. Dax, attempting to intercede, to save Hallen from the Vengeance of the Dark Knight, accidentally took the blow himself. The ensuing struggle was short. The Paladin was unrelenting in his attack, and Hallen was desperately outmatched. When the Paladin landed the first blow, the priest’s holy symbol was knocked to the floor. Dabby, in desperation grabbed the holy symbol, and struggled to find the divinity at the other end.

Instead of holy radiance, what the young mind found was unfathomable. An infinite darkness wrapping a purple star in a blanket of madness. Massive shapes shifting through higher dimensions, and words in whispers separate from time. The young mind reached out in desperation, seeking a way to save her brother. As she touched the star she felt her mind shatter into infinite incomprehensible shapes. These shapes, which had once been Dabby, felt a familiar presence, a mind close and fraternal: Dax. Then, his mind began to fracture into shards like stars, as sand whipping of the top of a dune. The two minds touched, again as they had been once, before birth and continuously, forming and reforming, they plunged into the void together joined forever

When the twin awoke it was dark. The Paladin lay dead, his plate armor melted beyond recognition. Hallen, with his last breath spoke only the words, “I’m sorry,” then died. The floor where the older twin had fallen was covered in blood, but the body was gone.

Dax / Dabby

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