Kella Darkhope

Apprentice Monk of Lathandar


A somewhat mysterious stranger dressed in simple monk’s robes, Kella is the only villager the party has come across since their arrival in Nightstone.

Update: Kella is now dead. She perished in a fight between our adventures and a band of Zentarim agents. Presumably, she was working with them.


Kella Darkhope came to Nightstone to study at the temple under the tutelage of Merkon, the local priest of Lathandar and Meilikki.

During the Cloud Giant attack she hid in her quarters while the rest of the villagers fled, and she was left behind. She didn’t know where the villagers went, so she stayed behind, hoping somebody would come back for her. Unfortunately, goblins arrived instead of anybody from Nightstone, and she has been hiding and sneaking around scrounging for food ever since.

Kella Darkhope

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