So Varis was literally raised by wolves. (I actually rolled this.)
Abandoned for reasons he has yet to discover, Varis spent his childhood running with a pack of wolves. He was a young man before he learned to speak common or elven.
Raw meat, bed of dirt, deer and elk hides for clothes, he is never far from his wolf family roots.

Once he realized that he will live for hundreds of years while his wolf counterparts barely make it ten years, he became determined to find a Wood Elf companion and make lots of Wood Elf babies so that his “wolf pack” will live as long as he. Basically the dude is lonely because his family of wolves kept dying.

The problem is he has no known tribe. Wood Elves tend to shun him for not being “Wood Elf” enough. As a result he’s not super fond of Wood Elves. This makes him rather un-charming in the face of other Wood Elves and does not help him very much in the search for a Wood Elf mate. He’s essentially got the emotional aptitude of a 13 year old human boy when he gets around other Wood Elves.

He’s not super fond of other creatures either but humans may be his favorite. They also die too fast though. In that department they aren’t much better than wolves. Dwarves are fun to party with but he’s not making babies with one. He does have a thing for Tieflings. Maybe it’s the tails.

A man of action and not many words, he believes that change is constant and inevitable (possibly due to the fact that he watched 50 generations of his family die before he was a fully mature Elf.) He believes that chaos is the natural order and that we are all just along for the ride. Despite his untrusting, slightly grumpy attitude, he’s always good for a drink and a roll in the hay. Especially if you’re Teifling.


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