Episode I: The Journey to Nightstone
Of Worgs, Bells and Boulders

As told by Dabby

We’ve joined a party of adventurers. Trudging through the countryside with a bunch of strangers has never really been our style, but at this point, anything that gets us out of the city is a step in the right direction. I’m going by the name of Valdar Fenhood and it looks like we make a pretty passable rogue—a man named Rothfort contracted us (10g up front!) on behalf of a Lady Velrosa Nandar. The rest of the party seems pretty agreeable, new, and eager. Our band consists of a strange cleric, who is obsessed with gears, a quick-footed elf (who we think suspects our background, because he asked us some specific questions about our roguish history), an elf with a bow, and a  tough looking little dwarf.


Rothfort didn’t provide much in the way of information, but we do know: that Lady Nandar is a widow in charge of a fortified outpost resort town called Nightstone (a few miles south of the Ardeep Forest on the road between Waterdeep and Daggerford), that wealthy nobles like to use Nightstone as a staging point for hunts in the Ardeep Forest , that Nightstone has had some problems with the wood elves (we think we might be able to pass as a wood elf with the right disguise—it could come in handy) in the past, and that a year ago those wood elves attacked the city and killed Old Lord Drezlin Nandar. Our quest then is to go to Nightstone, meet with the Lady and then act as arbiters between the town and the elves. It seems a little suspect that a random group of “adventurers” would be at all suited for this task. If anyone else in the party is bothered by this unlikely situation, they sure haven’t let anyone else know. For now, we’re just going to keep quiet and attentive.



Things didn’t get weird till we got to the village. There was a pretty big chunk taken out of the south wall, the stone keep looked a little collapsed, and bells were ringing from the town temple. Everything else looked pretty deserted. The drawbridge was open so we snuck across, where aside from the lack of villagers in the village the only strange thing was a huge boulder lying in the road. Then we climbed the watchtower and took a look from the top. No villagers, and no sign of what knocked down the wall.


We continued our survey through the town square, where we were attacked by a couple of wargs. Well, if anyone was unsure of the authenticity of our identity before, they probably are no longer wondering. During the fight, a warg took what looked like a pretty serious chunk out of the ranger. Our crossbow had proved ineffective, so against our better judgment, we let the purple lightning fly. When the wargs were dead, no one mentioned it.


The bell continued to ring, so we decided to check it out. What we found was a mostly abandoned temple and two giddy goblins ringing the bell. Then we had a great idea: telepathically convince the goblins that their god was sending them messengers. The priest, as it turns out, not only knew how to speak goblin, but also knew the name of their god, Maglubiyet. Well, it didn’t go exactly as planned, but we were able to convince the goblins long enough for our priest to get some information out of them. There are caves to the north. Goblins are holding the townspeople captive there. After that, one of the goblins got pretty angry, and we were unable to keep up the ruse. With our telepathy voice of Maglubiyet trick we were almost able to convince one the goblins to surrender, but it didn’t work. Both goblins attacked, the priest was injured and fled the room, and the rest of the party stepped in and we killed the goblins in the end. 

Session: 12/27/16, 7-11pm, Matt Starritt's House

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