At the start of combat, all players and NPCs role 1d20+DEX Modifier to determine their starting initiative. All situational modifiers are applied at this time (surprise, terrain, haste/slow, etc.).

1. Starting with the highest initiative number first, the round begins.

2. When a player’s turn comes up, a one-minute timer is started, and the player must decide what action their character will take before the timer is done.

3. If a player fails to decide on an action, it is assumed that the character remains still and performs the DODGE action for the duration of the round.

4. If two or more combatants share the same initiative slot, the combatants act in order of DEX score, from highest to lowest.  In the case of identical DEX scores, the actions resolve simultaneously.

NOTE: The DM may also use an initiative-based system outside of combat in order to limit confusion about the order of character’s decisions and actions.

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