Episode II: For Whom the Bell Has Stopped Tolling

We would have talked!!!

As told by Dabby

Well. We’ve managed to survive for a bit longer. We’ve also managed to get ourselves out of the city. Also, we’re going to stop referring to ourselves in the plural. Only I and me from here on out. Thinking that way isn’t helping anything, and even though we’re both all here, we’re not two, we, or our. We are all parts of our one mind. One mind, singular, I, me. Old habits get you in trouble.

Also, I’ve got to tell the rest of the party. I think they suspect that I’m not quite what I’ve claimed to be (you’d have to be pretty slow not to suspect), and that’s not been too helpful. I mean, look at Inlé. He’s definitely not some well washed noble elf waltzing around the countryside, and the rest of the group is starting to treat him differently, and that’s probably not going to be helpful for him forever. So, I’m going to tell them. We’ll be way more effective as a group, and I’ll actually be able to use all of my skill set to help us survive.

Maybe not the one mind business, or anything about The Purple Star, but at least the fact that I’m not a rogue and that I didn’t want to deceive them. The only real reason I’m dressed up like a rogue is because I got the armor free, and because I was way more likely to get hired on the way out of the city. Well, I actually am very sneaky, that helps too. And if I can’t trust them at this point, then I’m likely not to make it very long anyway.

Should I tell them I’m a mage? I think I could pass as a mage. Or, a priest! I’ve still got Hallen’s old robes and hammer. Does that defeat the whole idea? I bet Royzig would know in an instant. What a strange little fellow. I can’t get a read on him, but he definitely managed to prevent me from bleeding out all over the ground, and manages to be quirky and cheerful most of the time.

Hopefully no one is too opposed to being around a … that was taken apart and put back with pieces from a totally different person all together. How do all of our parts fit inside my mind?

I’ll tell them.

Oh. I’m also supposed to log our progress so far:

We looted the temple. And after a little rest, took a look at the inn. Varis managed to sneak up on a goblin rummaging through supplies. Varis burst through the door, the goblin screamed, so Varis killed him. Then, we found a girl upstairs with a weird flying snake. She said her name was Kella Darkhope and was a novice to the priest at the temple. She also said that cloud giants attacked the village, a week ago, and that she’d been hiding there since. Then the goblins came later. We didn’t find much in the inn, but we did find a locked box in the inn keeper’s (kind dwarf named Morak) room. Varis could open it, so we took all his stuff. Amber looks good in his armor. We’re gong to tell him we found goblins with it if we ever run into him.

We left Kella there, and headed to the Lionshield Coster, hoping to find a map. Instead, we surprised a goblin rummaging through the well stocked store. Goblins in these parts must be extra stupid, or less cowardly than their reputation would suggest, because even though we outnumbered him, had the jump on him, and were looking to have a conversation, all we got was, “fuck you humans”, so we killed him. We did find a map, and everything else we could carry. Nothing was worth much more than 10 gp, but everyone seemed really really interested in the two dozen arrows in the place. I snagged some fancy rope.

We pressed South, toward the keep, and finding the bridge out, decided to split up. Royzig, and Varis, went back to the store to grab the two 10 foot ladders, me, Inlé Efrafa, and Amber decided to check out the windmill. If we find more goblins, our plan: kill the goblin on the left, let me talk to the one on the right. Well, it must have been an ambush, because we didn’t find any goblins. Not until they shot both me and Amber. I nearly passed out, but managed to keep it together. I reached out to the goblin on the right, and touched its mind. “Surrender or be utterly annihilated,” I said into its tiny excited little mind. “Fuck you,” it replied. Then it shot me again and I passed out.

The last thing I remember seeing was Amber’s nice little face right on top of me, as she pulled me out of the windmill. That’s when I occurred to me that I’d need to tell them that I’m not really a rogue. Speaking of rogues, Inle managed to scale the windmill wall and kill the goblins up there, apparently he’s not afraid to get dirty when its really fun. Royzig revived me. More goblins showed up, then died. We didn’t get to talk to any of them.

We slept in the windmill and crossed the bridge to the keep the next morning. Only Varis fell into the moat. Almost an improvement in the smell department. The big door was unlocked, we went in, and found ourselves faced with two guards of some sort. I told them we were adventurers, new to the town, or something like that. They recognized us as the emissaries. Where is Lady Velrosa Nandar we’re here to see her. Oh, she’d dead.

Things we know: (please add anything I’ve missed)

  • Nightstone was attacked by cloud giants a week ago.
  • Goblins showed up later to loot the town.
  • The villagers are being held captive— maybe by goblins— in a cave to the north. We have a map to this cave.
  • Kella Darkhope is in the Inn
  • People occupy the keep. They have crossbows and know that we were hired to act as “emissaries”



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