Inlé Efrafa


Alias: Inlé Efrafa
Real name: Eraiden Lendri

Quick witted, proud, self aggrandizing, and always willing to take that bet, Inlé Efrafa is the most interesting person in the room, if that room is worth his time.
Waif like, prissy, and egotistical, Inlé wouldn’t strike one as an adventurer, as threatening. Those who have made such a mistake are seldom seen afterwards.

Born Eraiden Lendri, Eraiden spent his youth in servitude, as was his family’s status. Abused by those of higher stature, Eraiden was particularly troubled in his youth by a noble boy…Inlé Efrafa.

Angry with his lot in life Eraiden took to gambling, deceit, and general thievery to fuel his ever growing sense of self worth and taste.

As luck would have it, there was a large fire one evening destroying many of the noble family houses, as well as much of the surrounding village. Seeing an opportunity Eraiden disappeared into the world, flush with important documents, finery, and everything he’d need to become what he felt was owed to him, everything he needed to become Inlé Efrafa.

Inlé Efrafa

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