Episode 10 - Making New Friends

didn't die even a little bit today.

Before I woke up, I felt them (all my friends) reaching out to me, and they seemed really sad and worried, which is weird because no one seemed all that concerned while I was lying there with my insides shattered. Well, being dead seemed a like it was going to be pretty uneventful anyway. It is strange to slowly become alive again, although not unwelcome. Unfortunately, the first thing I saw as I woke was the face of Tyr. I immediately thought the worst, but then realized it was a statue and was flanked by two others— the house of the Triad. I guess they’d have to hire a priest, in this case a nice old man named Delvon, but I can’t imagine a less happy place to be born into the world as the house of the Triad. I was tired so I went to sleep.

When I woke up everyone was talking to a new friend, a Paladin (oh, that’s great) of Torm (could be worse I guess), named Meri (because, sense of humor?). Anyway, Meri got sent by Torm to find the source of the chaos and destruction in the north. Apparently an old cloud giant god has re-surfaced: Karentor. Seems un-fun. Is super into self-loathing, hatred, deformity, and beasts (pretty sure that doesn’t mean cute beasts like puppies and baby cows). I guess you can always tell a Karentor guy, cause they have self-inflicted ritualistically scarred faces (extra fun!).

I got sleepy here, but I guess there’s a frost giant fanatic, something about a shard of Karentor’s power, blah blah, evil place of worship. I guess Mari’s plan is to “ask around town” (good plan big guy). Then I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night and nearly snuck out of the temple, but its whatever, I was too sleepy.

Next day? I dunno things are a bit fuzzy still. We’re talking to Southwell, the Sherriff of Byrnshandar, and Duvessa (she’s great, and elected). They’ve three things they want us to do:
Attacks around parts unknown – outskirts, etc. (could that be more vague?).
Thieving groups, Ill informed youths, connected and well informed, have been giving townsfolk problems.
Giant Activity. (that doesn’t seem like much to go on)

They suggested some places to follow up on inital leads:
Kelvin’s Comfort — a popular tavern
The Hooked Nucklehead — an inn with a tavern
Geldenstag’s Rest – oldest building in town, an inn with (wait there’s a pattern) a tavern
Beldora – a street beggar lady

Duvessa says something about (i got pretty sleepy again) lodging at kelvin’s comfort, something about a Sir Berrek, dwarf something, @ Fire, OF TYR, and order of the gauntlet.

Allrick Survivor, halfling played dead when attacked by the gods— bad story, doesn’t check out not sure who did it.
Still pretty exhausted, we end up at Geldnstag’s Rest. Encouraged by the others I donned the appearance of a Mr. Womby Thurston, an intermediate hunter, looking to do some tourist-hunting. I struck up a conversation with Ms. Myrtle, the owner of Geldenstag’s. We’d learned that she was a sort of town gossip. Things were going pretty well (I could tell she had a thing for tourists) when the rest of the group butted in, made a big commotion while eavesdropping, and ruined my cover— well at least I didn’t end up dead again this time. I was pretty annoyed and so I rented a cozy room for way too much money. The others left— let them figure their own shit out for a while. I guess I’ll go meet up with them in the morning.



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