Episode 8 - On a cloud

As told by: Dax / Dabby

We didn’t end up going back in the weeping caves as we had planned. Instead Morak and Daphney decided it would be better to take the remaining villagers and head back to Nightstone. Their plan is to rebuild the town, make something new, start a new industry that doesn’t revolve around forest-hunter tourism, or something. I asked them what they were going to call the new town, what with the actual Nightstone gone– I suggested the name Boulder Hole. Too soon?

Morak said that he plans to send a runner to the nearby town of Triboar for some aid. Then he asked us if we’d be willing to take a message to a town in the far north, Bryhshandar. He wants us to tell the sheriff there, Markham, that his sister was killed (crushed by a boulder) in the Storm Giant attack on Nightstone. He thinks that Markham may be able to help nightstone.

As we were about to leave, a group approached on horseback. The villagers hid, and I disguised myself as a high elf. 8 wood elves with sacks, led by an elf named Rond Aarowhone. Apparently, Rond, and his group tracked down– and killed– some orcs in nightstone. They came here (with the heads– as if the villagers would have any use for them!) to tell us to take care of our orc problems ourselves in the future. This guy is a giant dick-head. That doesn’t even make sense, the village is obviously a ruin, and how did they even know to find the villagers here? Whatever, dickface and his troupe of nutsacks eventually leave– after a ton of posturing, and parading their superority all over the place.
The only positive thing to come from the experience, I’ve a new persona I can put on: Dond Arrowhole, wood-elf, floppy dongle extraordinaire. Dond is quite fond of himself—no one else if fond of Dond. Warrior_4.jpg

Nothing much of note happened between there and Nightstone Boulder Hole. When we got there, we found the remainder of Nandar’s guard dead. I wonder if the Arrowhole and his floppy dongles, watched and waited as the orcs kill the guards.

We spend the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging out with the villagers. I’m pretty sure that Varis and Dapheny fell into the moat again trying to get into the keep. I think that drawbridge should be top priority for the town’s rebuild. We buried the orcs in the boulder hole. I guess the villagers are going to plant a tree or something.
During a nice dinner with Morak and the Villagers, we learn more about Giants:

  • Giants use a caste system
  • Storm Giants
  • Cloud Giants
  • Frost and Fire Giants
  • Hill Giants (the dumb ones that smash rocks together in the woods)
  • There has been more giant activity around the sword coast over the last couple of years
  • Most giants are up in the north, Icewind Dale, 10 towns.

The next morning, as we’re packing to set off for Brynshandar, Morak presents us with 22g, and a gift wrapped in an oilcloth. It turns out to be the stupid magic +1 longsword from the keep. Daphney gives Roy 2 pearls and one of Nandar’s golden rings (750g). Morak makes us welcome to take anything from the Lionshield store, we grab:
6 candles, crowbar, climbers kit, map case, fishing tackle, 2 hunting traps, 2 hooded lanterns, 2 locks, chain, tinder box, 1 tent, block and tackle, 6 torches, 2 sacks, 10 days rations each, axe, and 1 shovel.

Then we set out.

Its pretty uneventful for the first day, on the second day we spot a strange cloud that seems to follow us. Once it gets closer we can see that it has a castle like tower with a big wizard hat on top of it. Eventually stairs descend from the cloud. Delighted, I immediately ascend. It was pretty easy to get to the top. In the bottom of the tower, were big 30’ tall doors. We made it through the main entrance into a huge hexagonal room with 100’ tall ceilings. Each corner had a pedestal with an orb that emitted light. A giant table and chair sat on the far wall of the room.

A happy voice greeted us from above, and introduced himself as Zephros—a very eccentric cloud giant. He offered to give us a ride on his cloud, and was interested in learning all about us and our adventure so far. He also told us a bunch more about giants and current giant-related events.

The Ordning (the agreement that giantkind adhere, which keeps giants in their place in the giant hierarchy): a few years ago the ordning was broken, and there was a great shift in power. The 5 races of giants separated. Zephros (I like to call him BigZ, and have disguised myself as a little version of him, I call LittleZ) went searching for answers. He went searching fro the Allfather, Annam. Somewhere in the temporal plane he went a little mad, and eventually in the ethereal plane learned that the smallest of folk would have the largest impact. That’s why he sought us—the first small people he came across—convenient!

When we asked him about Nightstone and its destruction, he said that he wasn’t surprised, and that nightstones are very magical components.

Days later on our cloud journey, 9 big birds (vultures) approached and landed on the cloud. Big Z was up in his tower, so our group headed out to check it out. A robed humanoid dismounted and said, “I demand to see Zephros”. 574bdd7fe8cd4f01e31605ee6a75506d.jpg



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