Episode 9 - because dead.

(froms matt’s notes, because dead.)

10 days on the cloud:

9 humanoid figures riding 9 vultures. They land on a cloud and dismount, head toward the front door, and demand an audience with Zephros.

Humans all, from all over, beaky helms, bird pieces, grey, black, lightly armored, but seem to have a uniform.
Leader approaches, he’s got a bag with a smiling face painted on it.

Howling Hatred — emissaries.

Main guy and another woman, more leathered than robed.
Main guy: Amarath, primary emissary of Yon-C-bin
Second Lady: N’von

Dabby tries her natural charismatic nature. Attempts to befriend them. They’re pretty grumpy. They demand to see Zephros. Dabby disguises herself as LittleZ and speaks a couple of words in giant. Howling Hatred folks are not amused. Don’t seem to have senses of humor.

Dabby detect thoughts:
Amarath: annoyance, impatience, volatility, entertaining non combat options.
N’von: A little more guarded, probing everything.
7 other guys: not much going on in there.

Probe deeper on Amarath: same feeling as from the other 7 some sort of mental fortitude that blocks Dabby.
Then Amarath gets mad. “death to the foes of the howling hatred”

Dabby goes down. Later Roy goes down.

Dabby dies.

Zephros captures something in an orb, tells the cultists to flee. 5 Piercing shrieks. 5 griffons pierce and slash at nothing.

Big Z is sad. Dabby was funny. 7-10 days from Brynshandar.


Temple in Brynshandar.

Royzig is mad at Zephros because Dabby is dead. Gentle Repose and 1000gp diamond.

Amarath body: 3 daggers, happy bag is a bag of holding. Small pouch with some kind of dust. Pixie Dust.

Royzig performs Agury, and gets a good vibe when he asks the question “can we rez dabby” gets a good omen.

Z looks in the bag.

6 days to brynshandar.

Griffons work for Z.

Arrive at Brynshandar.

Zephros gives amber a ring – giants ring, and a little pouch for dabby if they can rez.

Down to Bryn—Big wall, gate closed. Female 1/2ling, she’s the sheriff deputy, Ogrick.

Not quite a city, rural, rustic, happy, healthy, stern, very cold. They are worried about giant attacks, nothing for 1 year.

Sherriff Markham Southwell: handsome, tall, man in leathers, with longsword. Reads letter (there’s a letter!) about dead sister in nightstone. They need adventurers and he has adventurer work for us.

House of the Triad.



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