Episode III: The Late Lady Nandar

Well, ouch. That fucking hurts.

I guess, judging from the pile of dead bodies out here, it could have been worse. Not much worse though.

I should black up. Nandar is dead. The only living residents of the keep are four guards, Torem Brerk (who wept the entire time we were there), Sydri Havenlar, Alara, and Kaelen (who has a head wound, and was less than friendly). They weren’t much help, either to us or the city while it was being attacked. In addition to having no plan whatsoever ever, they didn’t seem too eager to get back to work. After hearing their story, we left them in the keep to start cleaning up.

Apparently, Nightstone isn’t just the city, it was an actual stone the town built itself around. It was/is a five foot tall, black, rough cut stone. When people founded the city, the nightstone just there, mysterious but maybe elven in origin. The townsfolk tried to dig it up, but were unable to do so, so they built the town up around it.

Well, its gone now. Just a hole in the middle of the town square. The giants, who were white or pale, tall and lanky, took it with them after they attacked.

They’ve got Nandar in the dining room.. She’s covered in blood. She was killed by debris during the attack. I’m not sure what they are waiting for, maybe they were too scared to go outside and bury her.

I came clean with the group. Everyone knows I’m not really a rogue. I didn’t go into details about where my gifts come from, but no one seemed to care.

We poked around the keep a bit. In the master bedroom we found a sword mounted on the wall. Well, someone decided they needed to touch it, at which point it came to life and attacked us. We were able to trap it in the closet before it could do too much damage.

We also found a chest that contained 180 silver in a velvet sack, 4 purdy gemstones, and three gold necklaces in a jewelry box. Group Gold and Loot Tracker

We decided to go after the rest of the townsfolk sooner rather than later. I fell into the moat, and hope those useless guards fix up a better crossing system soon.

While we were approaching the town, we heard riders, and decided to hide. That was a good idea. The riders turned out to be 2 women and 4 men, led by a 1/2 elf. They approached, and the leader called out for Kella Darkhope. I decided that this would be a good time to test one of my new found abilities: disguise self. This turned out to be a bad idea.

So I pop out disguised as Kella, just as the real Kella emerges from wherever she was hiding. Turns out the leader, Zolkin … something… whatever he’s dead now, knows Kella. What seemed to me like a sure path toward some hilarious shenanigans, quickly turned deadly. I was able to kill two of the riders before they totally wrecked me. Not long after, I found myself lying on the ground (again), bleeding from several serious wounds (again), wondering if maybe a different course of action might have been wiser.

If not for my new friends, and their heroic intervention, I’m sure I’d be dead now (again). I’ll do better next time.



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