Episode VII: Ogre, No Trouble

as told by Dax / Dabby


This day sure has had some highs and lows, but we’ve made so many more friends! Actual people this time!

There we were, hunkered down in a corner of the weeping caves, ready for action.

Plan A: Create a perfectly timed diversion to draw the ogres and goblins out into some sort of strategic choke point, possibly down one of the other corridors. Attack from many directions, pin them down in crossfire, confuse them, gain the advantage in the fight, and several routes of emergency escape. This plan, would have been as complex as it would have been elegant. Would have to get all the details correct. How to communicate and coordinate?

Well, we took a little too much time debating how to proceed, and were spotted by a couple of goblin archers.

Plan B: Get in there and kill them.

The Battle: Highs and Lows

Low point: Varis taking an arrow in the opening salvo, now its us vs 5 goblin archers.
High point: Varis’s long shot kills a goblin outright soon after.

Low point: Getting hit with a couple of arrows on my way to throw a goblin off its perch. Getting up there, shoving the injured goblin with all my might, and being unable to.
High point: Varis taking down another goblin on a long shot.

Low point: Varis taking another couple of arrows.
Hight point: Royzig force feeding Varis a potion of heroism, turning him into a goblin killing machine.

High point: More goblins dying.
Low point: Ogres. Angry Ogres.

High point: Amber going toe-to-toe with the ogres. Ya! Varis the killing machine, killing.
Low point: wondering if slipping in my own blood and falling off the ledge would will kill me. Realizing , really, that is a lot of my blood.

Low point: Ogres on a rampage.
High point: Royzig Commanding them to STOP, and seeing the bewilderment in their small stupid eyes.

Low point: Varis goes down.
High point: The ogres both die.

High point: Royzig stabilizes Varis using a healing potion. 6 dead goblins, 2 dead ogres.
Low point: oh god this hurts so much, I hope I don’t slip and fall.


From there we carefully, checked the ogre warren. Not much there besides broken bones and garbage. Not much of use on the goblins either; some spare change. At this point we’d used both our potions, and were looking pretty ragged. We thought about resting, but decided to push forward. We already knew where the villagers were being held, so we went there directly. Carefully.

BATS! and Villagers

The goblins were holding the villagers in some sort of bat cave. Thousands of bats, all nesting in a hole in the floor of the room. At this point, I was mostly trying not to pass out from blood loss, and still pretty overwhelmed with pain. It was pretty clear that we didn’t want to disturb the mass of bats. Proceeding carefully, we weren’t quite quiet enough which produced a geyser of bat activity. So much that it was actually harmful for any one in the room. Thinking strategically Royzig used some sort of sound magic to create a disturbance in the bat hole, and we were eventually successful in rousing and extracting the villagers. On the way to safety, we were sure to fetch Daphney Featherstone from her store room hiding spot. She was relieved to be reunited with the villagers and on the way out of the cave and into the forest and safety.

The villagers were as hungry as they were grateful, so we shared most of our rations with them. In the end, they didn’t look too bad off, mostly cuts and bruises, and one old man with a broken leg. Some of our new friends— this is my favorite part— include:

Destiny Agganor: a tiefling, community leader and healer.
Grinn Agganor :her tiefling son
Morak: another community leader, and the owner of the Village’s Inn. He was surprised to see Amber wearing his armor, and was very confused and saddened to hear our story about meeting (and eventually killing) Kella Darkhope. Even after our tale, he seemed trusting of us, and even let Amber keep his armor (for the time being).

Making Plans

Once we’d rested a bit (Destiny helped patch me up), our group met with Destiny and Morak to come up with a plan. Morak thinks the weeping caves (even after everything that has happened there) are still a pretty good place for the villagers to hold up until the town can be secured. He offered that perhaps Sherriff Markam in the town of Brynshandar could help provide support in securing and rebuilding Nightstone’s fortifications. The town is on the coast 5-6 days travel from here.

In the mean time, we’ve decided to head back into the Weeping Caves. We need to make sure there’s nothing still left in there that would endanger the villagers— slimy thing that eats goblins that Snigbat mentioned— also Snigbat and the rest of the goblins.

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